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Rhode Island Personal Traininer

Personal Training

Work. Sweat. Results. Those are the common denominators of every training session that North Atlantic Personal Training provides. Some physical training programs that focus on aesthetics. A Rhode Island Personal Trainer should be all about achieving genuine health and fitness. We train all clients as athletes and we get results.  Learn More.

Rhode Island Personal Trainer

Strength & Conditioning

The best athletes use strength and conditioning training in order to give themselves a competitive advantage over their opponent. When you train with North Atlantic Personal Training, you are giving yourself that advantage. Using techniques that would be at home on any professional sports team, you will become stronger, faster, more agile, and better conditioned. Learn More.

Sport Training - Rhode Island Personal Trainer

Weight Loss

There are two types of people in the world, those that want to lose weight and those that go out and lose weight. If you have discipline, determination, and dedication you can lose weight. Our personal training programs combine intensity with functionality. We know that there are few things more rewarding than working hard for results that you are proud of.  Learn More.

Why you should train with Josh Cormier..

Results! Do you want to be trained like an athlete? Have you tried other Rhode Island personal trainers in the past and just didn’t see results? Do you want real fitness that is applicable in everyday life? At North Atlantic Personal Training, a Premier Rhode Island Personal Trainer we know that the cutting edge of real fitness is within the military and civilian athletic programs. The personal training programs that we provide are derived directly from the U.S. military and civilian athletic programs, providing you with the same techniques and tools that are generally only available  to a select few.

What does a North Atlantic Personal Training workout session look like?

After going through the warm-up you will start working on a circuit. The first circuit will include agility cone drills and sprint technique work. After this you will begin another circuit. That circuit will include push-ups, inverted rows with gymnastic rings, kettlebell exercises, followed by tire drags. Upon completing a few rounds of that you will begin a new circuit that will include boxing work with the focus mitts and boxing footwork drills. The workout will conclude with cool down exercises and stretching.  No other Rhode Island personal trainer comes close to our results and dedication to our clients.

Our goal for your personal training does not only include your fitness, but also your education.

We believe that the more you know about fitness the more likely you will be to train effectively on your own, continuing to achieve real results. We want you to know why you are doing the exercises that you are doing and how you can incorporate these principals into your own routine outside of our training sessions. That is why you want to train with the top Rhode Island Personal Trainer.


I will help you push outside your comfort zone and see amazing results.

Sprinting while dragging a tire is generally not associated with personal training. But why not? With that one exercise you are simultaneously improving your cardiovascular conditioning as well as your sprinting technique and speed. All of which are useful in everyday life. At North Atlantic Personal Training we approach  personal training as a strength and conditioning program, as a boring hour of arm curls, elastic bands, and swiss ball exercises. We train this way because it is hands down the most effective method to losing weight and achieving long lasting fitness.

In recent years the kettlebell has become rather prolific in gyms all around the country. At North Atlantic Personal Training we are experts on the safe and effective use of the “cannonball with a handle.” From the two handed swing to the vaunted kettlebell snatch, you will be progressed through each exercise safely  while achieving unreal results. Kettlebells can’t be explained, they can only be experienced!

North Atlantic Personal Training is the best Rhode Island Personal Trainer available. Train like an athlete and achieve real results! Contact us for a free demo.


Rhode Island Personal Trainer Josh CormierJosh Cormier, Rhode Island’s Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer.. Avid adventure seeker.. Kettlebell extraordinaire.. Josh pursues all of his passions with the same dedication and enthusiasm you would expect from a highly trained US Military Black Hawk Helicopter pilot.  Meet Josh.

“Well done!  I have watched quite a few strength and conditioning trainers in the area… some good ones, some not so good…Their training can’t compare to yours!”
Mark, Soccer Coach
“I’ve had personal trainers in the past.  But I’ve never lost this much weight without having to go to the gym.  Fun and effective moves.  I actually look forward to the workouts.   “
Dave, Engineer
“In a short time I was able to increase strength and endurance.  My game has improved drastically.  Josh is now training the entire team during the off season.”
Summer, Student

Programs Designed Around Your Goals

  • Stay at home moms or weekend warriors.
  • Athletes – Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer – Any Athlete in any sport will benefit from my programs.
  • People looking to improve their general fitness and lead a healthier life style.

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